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In today’s value economy customers are seeking more than the cheapest option. Today, value is derived through exceptional experiences and new service offerings. ForgeDX creates customer-first digital experiences that people love. From concept to realistic implementation we bring together creativity and technology to create new capabilities, increase revenue and realize efficiencies. And we do it through our proven LeanDX™ methodology to deliver results faster and with stronger impact.

The results are in

Customer-first experiences lead to better business outcomes


One hotel chain owes 250% online revenue growth to a simple DX improvement. Their marketing team worked directly with developers in the application-programming interface to create an engaging booking process that drove heavy conversion. They also managed to garner 319% ROI on PPC, 965% ROI on organic search, and 1943% ROI on email direct marketing by centralizing and standardizing their multichannel strategy.


A major telecommunications company aimed to reduce calls to customer support during planned outages through a self-serve, AI powered tool. Through a cross-departmental effort involving operations, PR, IT, security, and marketing, the company was able to build and thoroughly validate their new self-serve system. This simple change to even one piece of their DX resulted in a 40% increase in site traffic and a 66% reduction in outage-related forum posts.


A major global retailer experienced 48% sales growth in 2012, 40% stock price increase in 2013, and a 257.2% profit margin growth in 2014 due solely to its role as an industry leader in DX. Through the implementation of data-driven hyper-personalization, a seamless omnichannel experience, and various IoT rollouts to improve their in-store experience, the company wielded the full power of a good digital customer experience to become a newly revitalized industry leader.

86 Of Customers will pay more for good DX
82 Of Customers left a company because of bad DX
95 Of customers will tell others about bad DX
89 Of brands competed on DX in 2016

Lean DX™

It’s not the latest diet fad.

In the digital economy speed is everything. However, the demanding work of envisioning, testing, and validating new experiences can often get mired down in the competing priorities and budget overruns that limit short-term business impact.

LeanDX™ is a cloud-based platform that gets new digital experiences to market faster and more efficiently. From rapid ideation to implementation, LeanDX is an agile, customer-driven methodology that moves from deep dive business assessment to a pilot program in as few as 8 weeks.


Idea Cloud™ technology that is connected to production-ready services

Customized solution modules for every client and vertical application

APIs and device support for a wide range of digital touch points


Structured analysis to uncover new business opportunities

Rapid ideation in a collaborative and co-creative work environment

Proven methodologies to prioritize and validate new experiences

Technology Integration

Rapidly enable new digital experiences & capabilities

Engaging Gamification

Connect brands, fans and merchandise

Rapidly Innovate

Hack the latest technology for better in-store shopping experiences

Our Products

Digital Journey Assessment

The Digital Journey Assessment is a day long workshop that defines the critical digital journey steps a B2B or B2C customer takes when initiating and interacting with a company. During the session the team defines and aligns on the target customer, persona, and journey. Through detailed discovery the customer journey opportunities are identified and prioritized. Leading to a deep assessment that will be used to define opportunities, next steps and business case.

Digital Journey Blueprint

The Digital Journey Blueprint is a comprehensive view of the personas, journey and content and the framework that can be used to transform digital engagement with customers. The blueprint provides the digital touchpoint plan for the journey – taking the key customer journey steps and building out the strategy for the touchpoints, key tracking metrics, campaign ideas and suggested steps for implementation. The visual blueprint defines the strategy for how to attract and engage through experience, technology and content.

Digital Journey Visualization

The Digital Journey Visualization is designed to define, visualize and demo transformational digital ideas that create positive impact for the company. The DJV is designed to leverage the companies strategic initiatives, identify key transformative opportunities, understand how technology can be used and create a digital visualization. The visualization is clickable software that puts the experience in the hands of key executives, customers and partners to show the impact the experience could have for the company

Digital Journey Validation

Digital Journey Validation is the data-driven process for any product or project to determine the justification, define the roadmap and build customer experience deployment plans. During this process the product visualization is validated with the exact set of target customers to understand if it solves the customer problem, if customers would “buy as is” and to provide the business case justification for deployment. Validation provides a data-driven framework that can be used to determine roadmap priorities, customer pipeline, pricing and justification.

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